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Petermann Island, Graham Land
Antarctica Peninsula


Make Nikon D300S
Lens Nikkor AF-S VR 70-300 mm f/4.5-5.6G   at 270 mm
Exposure 1/2000, f/22.0, ISO 3200 
Image size 800 x 534 pixels

IOC Names

Deutsch  Eselspinguin Dutch  Ezelspinguin
Italian  Pinguino papua Spanish  Pingüino Juanito


About 3000 pairs of Gentoo Penguins live at Petermann Island. When underwater, they are the fastest swimming penguins. The young chicks gather into groups called crèches. The young chicks recognize the call of their parents and reply to it to get their food.

Gentoo Penguins at Petermann Island

Ce sont les manchots qui nagent le plus rapidement sous l'eau. Environ 3000 pairs de Manchots papou vivent sur l'ile Peterman. Les jeunes manchots se réunissent en grands groupes appelés crèches. Les jeunes répondent à l'appel des parents qui reviennent de la pêche.

Gentoo Penguins at Petermann Island


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Gentoo Penguin
Pygoscelis papua
Manchot papou

Danielle HOCK