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La Digue


Make Nikon F90
Lens Nikkor AF 80-200 mm f/2.8D  
Exposure not available  
Image size 600 x 400 pixels

IOC Names

Order  Passeriformes   Family  Monarchidae

Deutsch  Seychellenparadiesschnäpper Dutch  Seychellenparadijsmonarch
Italian  Pigliamosche del paradiso delle Seychell Spanish  Monarca-colilargo de las Seychelles


Probably the most endangered bird species in Seychelles. This bird was called by a native of the island La Digue, who imitated its song until it landed nearby the photographer. La Digue is the only Seychelles island where it lives.


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Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher male
Terpsiphone corvina
Tchitrec des Seychelles

Jean-Michel PAULUS