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San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands


Make Nikon F50
Lens Nikkor AF 28-200 mm f/3.8-5.6   at 200 mm
Exposure not available  
Image size 800 x 533 pixels

IOC Names

Order  Procellariiformes   Family  Procellariidae

Deutsch  Galapagossturmvogel Dutch  Hawaii-stormvogel
Italian  Petrello delle Galapagos Spanish  Petrel de Galápagos


Breeding in the islands San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz, Santiago, Floreana, and Isabela, the Galapagos petrels (formerly called Dark-rumped Petrels) were decimated by introduced mammals, leading to their assessment as Critically Endangered on "the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species". The principal cause of mortality of eggs and hatchlings of the species was the introduced Black Rats. Introduced plants have also altered and restricted the nesting habitat. The reproductive period of the petrels covers about eight months of the year with an egg-laying period between March to the end of October.

Petrel, Galapagos


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Galapagos Petrel
Pterodroma phaeopygia
Pétrel des Galapagos